Soul Gospel

Soul Gospel Vocal Group

(Morning Elective)

You like singing?  In harmony?  With a groove?  I can dig it.
Come and work together on a group sound, learn to syncopate as a tight, funky unit and use movement to ‘do’ the theory of it all!
We’ll sing classic soul (Aretha Franklin), 70's gospel (Andrae Crouch) and Urban Gospel (Kirk Franklin).
We’ll sing by ear and read a little music notation.
We'll enjoy sounding amazing.
We’ll dig it.
Steve Cooper has 23 years experience as a vocal and music director of a cappella groups, choirs, musicals, church bands and gigging bands.  He composes the unique multi-layered jazz vocal sound for RockSalt Arts (contemporary performance art company).  Steve studied Contemporary Music (SCU, Lismore) and Education (Wesley Institute, Sydney), has spent 13 years educating and designing curriculum, and with wife Hannah has developed and delivered RockSalt Arts’ creative process workshops nationally.  He loves directing the Poatina Vocal Group and has an approach that infuses fun, theory and movement into the honing of a soulful sound that delights singers and audiences alike.