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Faith and the Arts Summer School  7 - 14 January 2018

(for FATA 2019 dates and current info please see 'FATA 2019' paragraph below)

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FATA 2019

Please note the information on this page still relates to Faith and the Arts 2018, however dates are now confirmed for Faith and the Arts 2019: Please put 5 - 12 January 2019 in your diary and note the change of start/finish day to Saturday!  Information will be updated for FATA 2019 during the year and the new 2019 event launched via our mailing list (join below) and Facebook.

Morning and Afternoon elective streams to choose from!

The Faith and the Arts Summer School is an inspiring and practical week-long residential arts program that runs in early January each year. It offers the chance to focus on a variety of creative art forms in the context of an enlivening and supportive Christian faith environment. The Summer School takes place in the unique and picturesque setting of the Poatina village community in Tasmania’s heartland, nestled on the edge of the majestic Great Western Tiers.  

Faith and the Arts is a celebration of life and the Great Creator; a chance for like-minded people to come together and give time and space to their own and each other’s creativity. Suitable for any adult or mature teenager, it is perfect for anyone wanting to explore their creativity, develop artistic skill, or express themselves and/or their faith. This fun-filled week will also deepen your understanding and experience of creating with the Great Creator as we explore the creative process itself through daily gatherings of creative worship and interactive teaching. Participants can now choose more than one elective workshop to focus on for the week (20+ hours of elective workshop time), and whilst some artistic experience can be helpful, it is not required for most electives.

A Typical day at Faith and the Arts...

The day starts with a 'Morning Elective' line followed by morning tea, and then 'Gatherings' of creative worship and interactive teaching as a large group. Next is lunch, after which participants move into their 'Afternoon Elective' line for the rest of the afternoon. After dinner an optional 'Evenings' program takes place, being a relaxed and informal setting to hear presentations, performances and stories from various artists and leaders, mixed in with some fun and relaxing activities designed to provide some lighter entertainment and input at the end of the day.

The week culminates with a 'Celebration Showcase/Concert' on the Saturday night which provides an opportunity for participants to perform or present what they’ve been working on. An afternoon off is provided mid-week and a final Farewell Brunch on the Sunday morning is a great chance to eat some yummy food whilst sharing and reflecting on an amazing week.

New Format brings some Exciting New Possibilities...

As well as being able to choose more than one elective workshop to focus on for the week, participants can also choose to spend their Morning Elective line and/or Afternoon Elective line in Retreat Mode. Doing Retreat Mode instead of a taught elective means you can spend that elective time as you wish - either working on your own art form in a space we allocate to you, or by relaxing and being inspired by one of the many recreative opportunities that Poatina village offers. Those choosing Retreat Mode in the afternoons will have the further opportunity to participate in one or more of four stand-alone single afternoon electives that together make up an afternoon elective line called Mix It Up.

General Information

The Summer School has been running in a multi-discipline format since 2003 and prior to that as a painting and drawing summer school for many years. We are astounded at the increase in the calibre of leaders who teach from year to year, providing a program that is high quality, dynamic, practical and inspiring. Participants and leaders often return annually because FATA becomes a kind of extended family, providing fellowship and support for artists who are also Christian that can otherwise be difficult to find.

Elective disciplines offered each year vary, but typically can include Painting/Drawing; Music/Songwriting/Recording; Glass Blowing/Kiln Formed Glass; Dance; Poetry/Fiction Writing; Printmaking; Sculpture; Ceramics; Jewellery/Silversmithing; Photography; Stagecraft/ Visual Theatre/Drama; Video Production/Editing; and Retreat Mode. Please click on the Electives links on the left or above to read more details on electives currently being offered. All electives are subject to sufficient registrations being received to allow them to run and maximum group sizes. In the case of an elective being cancelled, participants will be informed prior to the event and enrolled in their second choice of elective.

Faith and the Arts is open to adults and mature teenagers.  Participants under 18 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian.

Registrations will open in late October via the link at the top and bottom of this page. Please check back regularly or ensure you have joined our mailing list (below) to receive up-to-date information on registration and electives being offered. Other practical details about the week, including costs and the venue, can be found in the FATA Details Tab in the Faith and the Arts menu above. 

Faith and the Arts Summer School is facilitated by a small team of volunteers who are part of or connected to Poatina Arts - an arts collective and colony located in Poatina Village, Tasmania. Faith and the Arts, Poatina Arts and Poatina Village are all initiatives of Fusion Australia Ltd - a Christian youth and community organisation that has been operating in Australia for over 50 years. If you would like to to be part of the team that helps Faith and the Arts happen each year, please get in touch via the "contact us" tab above.  




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